Clark Magic, the main surfer of the game
Go Surf
The Endless Wave Experience

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About Diverso Games

Diverso Games is a social and mobile gaming company located in the heart of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Despite Diverso Games being owned and run by founders with a decade of experience in producing software for the gaming industry, the actual business looks and feels more like a new and lively startup. "We do love to incentivise open communication amongst the team, to listen to new ideas, and to keep the workplace environment as light as possible."

This is the reason we are celebrating a new cycle. It has been one year since we reshaped our business and decided to enter the mobile gaming industry with our own portfolio. One year has passed, and Go Surf, our first game has been completed. Guess what? We are looking forward to having another decade of game development ahead of us.
Watch this space!